What are Mighty Minions?
Not only are Mighty Minions the most adorable little degens on Solana, but owning one earns you revenue share from our Coliseum. In our Coliseum, you may find a host of "Chance-Based Mini-Games" that allow you to win anywhere from 0-50x your wagers. Some games you may see inside the Coliseum include... Faction Duels (double or nothing), Minion Races (horse race betting), and other fun little degen games with a "mighty" twist.
Why should I own a Mighty Minions NFT?
Owning a Mighty Minion NFT means you own a part of our game. You'll earn weekly revenue share from our Coliseum. In our Coliseum, you may find a host of "Chance-Based Mini-Games" that are designed to not only be extremely entertaining, but generate a lot of revenue for our holders.
How much is a Mighty Minions NFT?
Mighty Minion NFTs minted at 1 SOL for Phase 1. Phase 2 price has not been announced yet.
Will there be a presale?
Yes, to join the Phase Two pre-sale you must earn a Phase Two whitelist spot. We are against grinding for Whitelist, so we have other fun ways you can earn a whitelist. Please check out our discord for more information.
Wen is mint date?
Phase Two Mint date will be June 24th.
What kind of game will this be?
It will be a game of chance and strategy where you battle others using your Mighty Minions to win rewards, EXP, and prestige. The odds of winning battles will be determined by your Mighty Minion’s level, stats, and faction.
Do I need to spend MTKN to level up my Mighty Minion?
Yes, you will require $MTKN to level up your Minions which you can get by staking your Minion NFT. We will also be hosting community events that will result in huge in-game EXP bonuses.
Do I need to place wagers to play the game?
No, there will be options where you can place wagers, but also options where you can play without placing a wager. For example, you can play against your frens and community members without placing any wagers.
How can I increase my chances of winning more tournaments/battles?
There are three main ways you can stack the odds in your favor.
  1. 1.
    Level up your Minions for a better base stat.
  2. 2.
    Equip a rare powerup to your Minion to boost their stats.
  3. 3.
    Own a minion with rare attributes.
How can I level up my Mighty Minion?
You can level up your Mighty Minion training them in the Training Grounds and by being engaged and participating in our randomly hosted events. Events will be posted in the Discord group only for a limited time before they expire so make sure to check our “Announcements” section daily!
Will leveling up my Mighty Minions NFT increase its value?
Yes, the more you level up your Minion, the more valuable it becomes. Think of it as growing your asset to produce more cash flow. As your Minion levels up, it’s chance of winning more battles, tournaments, and quests increases. Additionally, reaching certain levels will give you access to special NFT airdrops such a Mini-Monsters and more.
Where can I check my Mighty Minions level?
Every Mighty Minion minted will start at level 1. However, as your Minion wins more battles and levels up, your NFT will be updated in real time so everyone can see what a stud your Minion is. ;)
How many Factions are there?
There will be a total of 5 Factions in our game [Fire, Forest, Water, Holy, Shadow]. However, as of this point, only Fire, Water, and Forest factions have been released. Holy and Shadow factions are expected to be added in September. Our goal until then is to add as much value to the current factions before further expanding our ecosystem of minions.
What roles do Factions play in your game?
There will be Faction advantages and disadvantages in our game and it will affect the outcome of battles. For example, if a Fire Minion battles a Water Minion, the Fire Minion's chance of winning will be higher given all other stats are equal. The faction cycle is... Fire < Water < Forest < Fire
When will the game be available to play?
The game is currently in development and is expected to take 3-4 months for full completion. However, we will offer earlier beta access around 2 months from now.
What is the minimum and maximum amount I am allowed to wager?
***All gameplay is free, however if you choose to place wagers, these are the minimum/maximum amounts that we have set. These limits are subject to change in the future.
  1. 1.
    In the Training Grounds [PVE], the lowest you are allowed to wager is 0.05 SOL. The maximum you are allowed to wager is 1 SOL.
  2. 2.
    For our Tournaments in the Coliseum, the minimum you are allowed to wager is 0.05 SOL. There is a 25 SOL maximum wager limit. This number may be increased as our ability to handle risk increases.
  3. 3.
    In the PVP arena, you are allowed to wager a minimum amount of 0.05 SOL and a maximum amount of 10 SOL. Additionally, if you are feeling a bit more degenerate, you are also allowed to wager your Mighty Minion NFT. Only true bosses will attempt to risk their Minion.
Do I need to bet to earn rewards?
No. In fact, you can earn rewards simply just for hodling and not even playing the game. Please read the "Passive Income" section below for more information.
Do I earn passive income for hodling a Mighty Minion NFT?
Yes, there are a ton of ways to earn passive income through Mighty Minion NFTs. It's what makes owning and hodling one so great.
  • Staking Rewards: Staked Mighty Minions will earn $MTKN tokens daily.
  • Holders Rewards: Owners of Mighty Minions will be awarded NFT airdrops for future drops/collections.
  • Faction Unite Rewards: Be a holder of the weekly winning faction. (Example: If a Mighty Minion from the fire faction wins the weekly tournament, all fire faction Mighty Minion NFT holders will be rewarded SOL.)
  • Tournament Rewards: Win our free [automatic entry] weekly tournament for a special Mighty Minion NFT reward, SOL rewards, and Hall of Fame status.
  • Top Placement Rewards: All Mighty Minion NFTs will be automatically entered into free weekly tournaments where one can earn $SOL by placing in the top 8.
  • Coliseum Royalty Rewards: Own an Exclusive Mighty Minion NFT Trophy and earn royalties from the Coliseum indefinitely.
  • Idle Battle Rewards: Leave your Minion in the Coliseum while you are away and have them earn SOL [There is a possibility to lose SOL as well]