When a Fire Minion farts, smoke comes out! Everything they do is explosive; whether it's love, play, or warfare, you're just as likely to lose a finger as you are, well... Other things!
When a Fire Minion commits to a challenge, they go after it like a house on fire. So when the Almighty-God announced the Tournament, giant craters started appearing everywhere as Fire Minions trained to perfect their craft.
Some whisper that the most powerful Fire Minions can even control lava and erupt volcanoes at will. But unfortunately, we don't know because the only witnesses are smoldering footprints left in the dirt.
Fire Minions are unpredictable, like a flame dancing in the wind, and rival Forest Minions had better watch out because they're likely to get burnt to a crisp!
As to the rival Water Minions... Well, they will rain on your flame parade!