Before I get into our tournaments. I want to share a meme with you to express my feelings from you choosing to join our Mighty Minion community and check out our Whitepaper.
Okay, so now let's get right into it. There will be 3 main tournaments held every week in the Coliseum. They are called the “Might of the Minions”, “Minion’s Battle Unite”, and lastly “God’s Might”. Participate in these tournaments to win SOL, exclusive Mighty Minion Trophy NFTs [Yields Royalties], and achieve Hall of Fame status for your NFTs.
EXAMPLE: Might of the Minions Tournament Bracket
  1. 1.
    Might of the Minions: This tournament will include all Mighty Minions NFT, not including the 64 Mighty Minions part of the Exclusive collection. This tournament has no entrance fee and contestants will be automatically entered from our database.
  2. 2.
    Minion’s Battle Unite: This is the only tournament with an entrance fee. The fee to participate in this tournament will be 0.05 SOL. There will be no cap in terms of the amount of players that would be able to participate in this tournament. Each Mighty Minions NFT qualifies for 1 spot.
  3. 3.
    God’s Might: This tournament will include 64 Mighty Minions NFT contestants. To qualify for this tournament, you must own a Mighty Minion that’s a part of our Exclusive collection.