Build your team of the Mightiest Minions to battle monsters in our Tower of Might PVE game mode. By defeating monsters/bosses, you'll earn $MKTN, PowerUp NFTs, and Mystery Boxes.
ENERGY: Consume "Energy" to battle monsters/bosses in our Tower of Might. Challenging each "Floor" will consume 1 Energy per attempt. You can store up to 3x Energy max. Each Energy will restore every 4 hours.
MINION TEAM: Create your team and choose 2 Mighty Minion NFTs to battle against monsters/bosses in our Tower of Might game mode. Unlock up to 6 Minion slots as you climb the floors.
FLOORS: There will be 100 floors in the Tower of Might with monsters/bosses in each floor. Once you clear the 100th floor, the gates of hell will be opened and your Minions will be entered into the darkest area of the Mightyverse: Tower of Hell. Monsters here are significantly tougher and there's no promise your Minions will make it out of here alive, but let's just say your Minions as "Mighty" as F**K and they clear the 100 floors in the Tower of Hell... As one of the very few who make it this far, your Minions will earn their spot in the last and final tower: Tower of Paradise. Only the Mightiest Minions will ever make it this far... Noone has made it to the 100th floor in the Tower of Paradise. I wonder who sits on the 100th floor. 👀
MONSTERS: Each floor will have a monster from one of our five factions: Fire, Water, Forest, Holy, Shadow. Choose Minions with a faction advantage over the monsters to boost your chance of winning the battle.
BOSSES: Every 10 floors, there will be a Boss. Bosses will have significantly more power and be much more difficult to clear. With that being said, rewards for defeating bosses will be pretty sweet!
REWARDS: Earn $MTKN after each time you clear a floor. Additionally, randomly earn PowerUp NFTs that can be used to enhance your Minion's power. If you're super lucky, you may even win a Mighty Minion NFT!