PVP stands for “Player VS Player”. You may choose to play against other community members just for fun, wager SOL/MTK, or if you’re feeling a bit more degenerate, even put your Mighty Minions NFT on the line.
Either way if you lose to a fren, don't be salty because instead of your money going to some big corporation, it's going to your fren. Regardless, let's hope you win, cause it always feels good to win hehe 🚀🚀🚀
But imagine also winning SOL with it ;)
To participate in our PVP arena, you can either create your own room or you can join an existing room that someone else created. Rooms may be private or public. Private rooms will require a password to join while public rooms will allow anyone to join and battle with your Minion.
When you create a room, you will be able to select between battling for free, for a wager, or gamble your entire Mighty Minion NFT.
When creating a room, you will also select how many battles you would like your Minion to participate in before automatically closing the room and removing him/her (Yes, some minions are females 💪) out of the Arena.
***Actual gameplay may vary as the design is not finalized by our team***
WAGERING IN PVP If you'd like to place a wager, a deposit will be required into the vault where it will be stored. When your Minion wins a battle, it will add the winnings into the vault. When it loses a battle, it will deduct the amount of SOL/MTK owed from your vault.
Example: If you'd like to play 10 games at 0.08 SOL wager a game, the deposit required into the vault will be [0.08 SOL x 10 games = 0.8 SOL]. After battling 10 times, your Minion will stop battling and wait for you to come back to claim the total winnings in the vault. You may remove or add to your vault at any time.
You can also set your room to run indefinitely until you manually close it. Your minion will accept challenges from all participants until the vault is empty and can't accept any more challenges. If it wins, it will continue battling using the funds in the vault to keep earning for you even when you are away. However, we do not suggest doing this method if you will be gone for an extensive period of time or unless you have a high level Minion with good stats. But if you have a high level Minion and if your wife ever asks you where you put all your SOL and crypto investments, show her this meme...
This was a joke and we do NOT recommend going ALL-IN 😞
If you do not wish to create a room, you may simply join any publicly open room and battle the room owner's Mighty Minion. You may also challenge Minions in private rooms if you have the passcode from the room owner.
To challenge a Minion, simply click the "Battle Now" button to begin. If there is a wager amount listed, you will need to have that amount or more in your vault to be able to challenge the room. When you win the battle, your earnings will go immediately to your vault where you can redeem it at any time. When you lose the battle, the winnings will be paid out to your opponent directly from your vault.
There are two modes of PVP you may participate in. [1 vs 1] PVP Arena which will be one Mighty Minion against another. Or battle in our [3 vs 3] PVP Arena where you’d need 3 Mighty Minions NFTs to play.
The [1 vs 1] PVP battles are quite simple and don't require too much explanation. It's one Mighty Minion against another and the winner wins the wager.
The [3 vs 3] PVP battles are slightly more complicated, but still fairly easy to understand. Each player will select 3 Mighty Minion NFTs to battle. Then you'll be asked to arrange them in the order you'd like them to battle. The order is important as matching up your Water Minion against their Fire Minion will significantly increase your chances of winning the battle. The player who wins 2/3 matches will win the wager.
To ensure a player with a better Minion or advantageous Faction does not keep fighting your Minion over and over again, each unique Minion may only challenge the same public room only once. Private rooms require a password to enter, but will not have a limit to how many times they can be challenged by a unique player.
We will make changes and update our game rules accordingly to ensure it is safe and fair for our all of our Mighty Minions holders.