Although our game is free to play, where's the fun without a bit of risk? After all, we are all in the crypto space to go to the mooooooon and retire tomorrow! 🚀🚀🚀 All jokes aside, please only play with what you're willing to lose and please do not wager your life savings away. 😅
Our Coliseum wagers will open during tournament hours. You may place wagers as many times or as much as you'd like during these hours. When the Coliseum is closed, there will be no wagers allowed except for in the PVP Arena or PVE Training Grounds which will be available 24/7.
In the Coliseum, you can wager for which faction you believe will win the weekly tournament. If you placed your wager on the winning faction, you will be rewarded. The winning faction will be decided by the Champion's faction.
For example... If the champion of the "Might of the Minions" tournament is a Mighty Minion from the Fire Faction, and if you placed a wager in favor of the Fire Faction, you will be rewarded SOL based on how much you set as your wager.
***You do NOT need to own a Mighty Minion NFT of a certain faction to place a wager in favor for it.
Which Faction will you be placing your wager on for our first Might of the Minions tournament? ;)
Our PVP Arena will be open for wager 24/7.
You may challenge a fellow Minion in our PVP Arena for fun, for SOL, or even for your very own Mighty Minion NFT. If you want to wager against a fren, we recommend opening a private room. Private rooms have passcodes that are set by the room creator which ensures only your fren can challenge you.
Additionally, you may challenge other Minions in the Arena that are in public rooms which will have the wager amount shown. Bet amounts are always decided by the room owner. If your Minion wins the battle against them, you will be paid out the respective SOL amount into your vault. If you lose, the SOL amount will go to your opponent's vault.
Lastly, you may create your own public room and leave your Mighty Minion in the PVP Arena where anyone can challenge you. You can leave your Minion in the Arena for 1 battle, 2 battles, 5 battles, or even 100 battles. If you want to place him in the PVP Arena for 10 battles for 0.07 SOL wager each, you will have to deposit 0.7 SOL [0.07 SOL x 10 Wagers = 0.7 SOL] into the vault in-case you lose all 10 battles. However, as people challenge you and you win, your SOL winnings will be deposited into the vault that you can redeem when you return.
For additional details, check the PVP Arena section.
We have set minimum/maximum amounts that you are allowed to wager. These limits are subject to change in the future as our community wallet grows and we're able to take on more risk.
  1. 1.
    In the Training Grounds [PVE], the lowest you are allowed to wager is 0.05 SOL. The maximum you are allowed to wager is 1 SOL.
  2. 2.
    For our Tournaments in the Coliseum, the minimum you are allowed to wager is 0.05 SOL. The maximum amount you are allowed to wager is 25 SOL.
  3. 3.
    In the PVP arena, you are allowed to wager a minimum amount of 0.05 SOL and a maximum amount of 10 SOL per battle. Additionally, if you are feeling a bit more degenerate, you are also allowed to wager your Mighty Minion NFT. Be a boss. Wager your Mighty Minion.
**We will increase these limits as our community wallet grows and allows us to take on more risk.**
All wagers will result in a small fee of 4.5%. The pool generated will be used to further improve/develop the game, used for in-game prizes/rewards to keep users playing, and be paid back to our holders in the form of royalties. The distribution will be as follows...
  • 1% will be distributed to Coliseum NFT owners
  • 1% will be distributed to Mighty Minion NFT owners
  • 1% will be added to the Mighty Minion Treasury wallet
  • 1.5% will be used for further game improvement and development
***The fee amount is subject to change as we grow as a community.
I know that was a lot to read, but without further ado...
Good luck to you all!