Water Minions are masters of water manipulation: Creating shapes and conjuring water out of thin air. They love showing off their bubble-blowing skills. But visitors be warned: watch out for the yellow bubbles!
Water manipulation requires great skill and concentration, and the calmer the mind, the greater the power a Water Minion can wield.
But all that thinking is óh so tiring! That's why Water Minions spend their free time relaxing, surfing, and creating beautiful art.
Creativity is the most valued quality a Water Minion possesses. The more creative you are, the cooler the water shapes will become. Some even have the power to create waterfalls and tsunamis! Though it does look weird when they try to surf their own wave!
Water Minions think nothing of splashing a Fire Minion's flame, but they're extra careful around Forest Minions. That's because a Water Minion's body is built for meditation and is easily overpowered by the forest brutes!