Forest Minions live by the land and love by the land. That smell you smell, yes; It's Forest Minion. They don't mind. It's good honest work, and when you talk to them, you get good honest talk.
Forest Minions have immense stamina and strength. Which comes from their passion for physical exercise. They love nothing more than running, climbing, and hiking. What are they running from, you say? More like, 'What are they running towards!?'
Their physical prowess is legendary, but few people know that the most skilled Forest Minions also know how to heal. A powerful skill for when the Tournament becomes tricky!
Their physical strength means that Forest Minions cannot be beaten in close physical combat: You better watch out, artsy Water Minions!
Forest Minions don't mind pain or splinters, but when they see a Fire Minion, they start running; One spark could burn down the entire forest!