Minions from the Holy Faction do not originate from the planet Aurora and in instead were sent down by the Almighty God to help manage the Coliseum and make sure it operates smoothly! The Gods are with us... LITERALLY! Minions from the Holy Faction also known as Angel Minions are very bubbly by nature and very easy to get along with. They bring around a positive energy around them that’s contagious!
Although gifted with god-like powers, Angel Minions prefer to stimulate their minds instead and play strategy games like bloons tower defense, chess, and etc.
However, don’t let their positive energy and divinity fool you. Angel Minions are secretly big time gamblers. They love playing slots, creature racing [similar to horse racing], and even bet on which Mighty Minion they believe will win the tournament and ultimately take them home.
Angel Minions get along with the Mighty Minions very well, because they actually find them extremely respectable for their boldness to put their lives on the line for rewards. It’s truly the ultimate gamble and until this point, the Angel Minions have never met any other Minion so daring and risk taking as the Mighty Minions.