There live 3 different Minion factions in the the planet Aurora: Fire, Water, and Forest. Although from different factions, they do not oppose one another and for the most part, live in peace and help one another out. With that being said, in their spare time, they do tend to hang out more often with their own Faction. This isn't because they necessarily hate one another or don't get along, but rather because they share more commonalities with Minions from the same faction.
Balance of power between the Factions
Not one faction is better than another as each faction has their own unique powers, strengths and weaknesses. The Minions understand this balance of power and thus respects one another. Additionally, the Minions also understand that there are strength in numbers and sticking together will be a good idea just in case some monster or alien decides to attack in the future. 😉
One thing the Mighty Minions alway say that unites them together during rough times is...
"We are few, but Mighty" ⚔️💙