The Training Grounds is where you can send your Minions to train with the Almighty Angels (Greatest warriors of the Mightyverse). Besides completing Quests and participating in our Events, the Training Grounds is the ONLY place you can earn experience points and level up your Minions.
To send your Mighty Minions on a training session with the Almighty Angels, you are must pay the Angels a fee. The Almighty Angels will ONLY accept $MTKN tokens as that is the only worthy currency in the Mightyverse.
For every $MTK token paid, the Almighty Angels will help train your Minion by 5X EXP points and it will require 15 minutes of training. The more you pay, the more EXP your Minion will earn, but the longer the training session. Example: If you pay 20 $MTK tokens, you will earn (20 X 5) 100 EXP and it will take 100 minutes of training. All EXP is rewarded at the end of each training session. Once a training session starts, you will not be able to cancel or stop the training session. (Almighty Angels do NOT like to be interrupted) Your Mighty Minion will not be available to be used in-battle during his/her time in the training.