The God of the Mightyverse [Almighty-God], all-powerful and knowing, got bored of making stars, black holes, and just space stuff all day. So one day, he's picking his ear, and he pulls out a planet! Not literally, but it inspires him: "Let's see where this is going!".
So, he throws together some elements and works five days straight to create a beautiful planet [think Avatar the movie] and names it Aurora just cause it sounds cool. And then, on the sixth day: the Mighty Minions. Cutesy little creatures made from the varying elements of Fire, Forest, and Water, each with their very own unique quirks and abilities. Then, on the seventh day, he sits back and watches the cute little Minions, waiting for something to happen. But it takes so long that his eyelids slowly start to droop, and he falls asleep.
He snores for 500 years, and when he wakes up, nothing has happened! The Minions are just sitting around in mud huts. Bored, poor, and skinny, they're playing with fire, climbing trees, and blowing water bubbles. They're still adorable, but this is not what he expected!
The Almighty-God facepalms and thinks: "This won't be fun unless there's some action!". So he puts on his mightiest bathrobe and appears before the Minions: "I AM YOUR CREATOR, GOD OF YOUR MIGHTYVERSE! KNEEL BEFORE ME!!".
The Minions nearly jump out of their pants with surprise! After catching their attention, the Almighty-God speaks to his Minions: "I can't have you living in mud huts, poor and hungry. So, to spice things up, I have created a weekly tournament. In six months, a coliseum will magically appear. There, you will battle for my entertainment. In return, I promise you riches, lavish feasts, and heck, I'll even throw in some of my Mighty Tokens. So, use the talents I've given you and make me proud!"
The Almighty-God disappears in a puff of smoke and POOF! Out of nowhere, reveals a giant pile of weapons. Some common ones and some made specifically for the differing factions with elemental boosts. The Minions, a bit confused but also excited, pick up their weapons and begin their training. For six months, they train, and it's adorable chaos.
At the end of the sixth month, the Coliseum appears, and from the big gate, Almighty-God appears, with beautiful Angels accompanying him. He says: "Meet my Angels; they will run the Coliseum! If you win, I will reward you and allow you to partake in the riches the Coliseum will generate!!"
The Minions, now feeling extra Mighty, begin their battles one at a time. The Almighty-God watches from the heavens and is very pleased by their performance. "Swoosh, shwing, shawhoop!" the battles continue…
Which faction do you think will win?